Travel Tip: Pack a Full Set of Clothes in Your Carry-On

Sadly, there’s always a chance your luggage won’t arrive with you, and there’s always a chance you’ll have to wait a good 24 hours (ugh…or more) before you see it.

That means while you sit in your room waiting for your belongings to arrive, all your buddies are out enjoying the sun and sand. What a bummer!

Even if you’re the most optimistic person on the planet, you should always prepare for this. It’ll happen to the best of us at some point in our lives. So be wise and pack a full set of clothes in your carry-on.

For your tropical travels, your carry-on would consist of swimwear, flip flops, evening attire, and underwear. That’s everything you need to go swimming, shower, and go out for a nice dinner.



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