Sandals Select: A Loyalty Program You NEED to Know About

I’m the kinda girl who would drive all the way across town to buy a roll of paper towel that costs much more than said paper towel at the grocery store up the road – all because the store across town is offering 5 bonus air miles with every purchase.

Yep – a real sucker I am.

So when we went to our first Sandals resort in 2009 and learned about this super fab loyalty program that would reward me with a ton of free stuff, from hundreds of dollars in savings to a free vacation, it was like my whole world turned upside down in the blink of an eye.

Okay, yes, that was a bit dramatic, but you get my point. I suddenly went from having a ‘yeah, I’d probably come back to a Sandals resort someday’ attitude to a ‘I’ll never go anywhere else’ attitude.

It’s called Sandals Select, and now let me tell you how it turned me into a Sandals junkie.

Let’s Cut to the Chase – A Free Week!

I thought about building up to this, making you wait until the end to find the proverbial pot of gold, but I can’t risk you bouncing off the page and not finding out about this.

So here’s the gist: for every 70 nights you spend at a Sandals or Beaches resort, you get a free week (7 nights) at the Sandals or Beaches resort of your choice (the high-end butler-only resorts are usually excluded, unless you’ve spent all your vacations there). Simple as that! Once you sign up for Sandals Select, they’ll start the tally for you. You’ll have an online account where you can log in to keep track of your progress.

The Points – Money Money Money

We all know by now that most major hotel chains offer some sort of loyalty program. Such programs usually go something like this: book with us and we’ll give you x number of points, and when you reach x number of points you can redeem them for a free night. The problem: it could take years for those points to add up to enough to qualify you for a free night.

And just like all those major hotel chains, Sandals does the points thing.

But I didn’t realize just how much better their points program was until I booked my first return trip. I gave my travel agent my Sandals Select membership number, and then minutes later she advised me I could redeem my points for $393.

So just like that I got to deduct close to $400. Yeah, seriously! We’re talking serious savings here! I’ve saved between $250 and $400 on every Sandals vacation since then!

So unlike other hotels that make you wait until you accumulate a ridiculous number of points, Sandals doesn’t. Every Sandals Select point has monetary value, which means you can start cashing in those points right away (i.e. on your next Sandals vacation), no matter how many you have.

Royal Recognition

Okay, after hearing about the free week and the big savings, the rest of this is likely going to sound very boring, but it’s not – it’s actually really cool.

Sandals has a way of letting all their guests know just how important they are, and they strive to make us all feel like nothing less than royalty, from the minute we arrive on the resort to the minute we depart. If you’re a return guest, expect even more.

Special Events and Gifts: It gets me every time I check in to my room and there’s a ‘welcome back’ gift waiting for me, followed by invitations to special events and elegant dinners and parties throughout the week. And there’s always a little somethin’ special handed to us at these events, like a complimentary photo, a bottle of rum, t-shirts, etc.

Membership Perks: Beginning with your second stay, you’ll start to receive on-resort perks. The more you stay, the higher your membership status climbs, and the fancier those on-resort perks become. Here’s a list of the perks.

Bling: After 35 paid nights Sandals will reward you with silver-plated sandals pendants (one pair for each of you). And after 56 nights, you’ll receive gold ones.


So you see, there are loyalty programs that most hotels offer, and then there’s the Sandals Select loyalty program. And being the sucker for free stuff that I am, you can see why I have merrily joined the ranks of many others who consider themselves Sandals junkies! It’s actually a fun club to be in!

Check out everything you need to know about the program here.


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