The Packing List: 5 Things You Probably Don’t Have On It

The packing list. We all have one. And for many of us tropical travelers, topping the list are things like swimwear, sunscreen, bug repellent, sunglasses, flip flops, etc. And if you’re anything like me, you add to that list every time you return from a vacation. It just seems that every time I go, there’s one thing I’m missing, or I see another person with something that makes me say ‘that’s a great idea!’ After looking at my own list and talking to other tropical travelers about theirs, there are a few items that I’m betting very few people consider packing. Check them out and consider if you should include any of them on your packing list.


Business Cards

Business Cards

I know – you’re on vacation and the last thing you want to think about is work! But if your livelihood depends on securing new clients, think about bringing business cards with you. You’ll likely be meeting people from all over the world, and chances are they’ll ask you what you do for a living. That’s a perfect time to hand over a business card while you explain what you do.


Condiments Condiment Packets

I know many travelers who bring their favorite condiment or brand of condiment with them because the resort doesn’t offer it, and because sometimes a meal isn’t a meal without it. I bring Frank’s hot sauce for my room service omelets. Some people also bring their favorite brand of coffee. If you do pack your own condiments, ensure you bring the smallest bottle you can find so that it doesn’t add too much weight to your luggage, or consider the pocket-sized packets rather than a bottle. And be sure to pack it inside a sealed bag so that it doesn’t leak all over your clothes if it breaks during transport.


Wine Bottle Stopper

Wine Stoppers

I always have a bottle of wine on the go in my room and like to keep it sealed after I open it. The hotels don’t usually have bottle stoppers on hand, so I always bring my own. They weigh next to nothing and can fit anywhere in your luggage.




A flashlight comes in handy when we go for a walk along the beach or through dim areas around the resort at night.


Newspaper or Wrapping Paper


We like to buy souvenirs on vacation, so we bring newspaper or wrapping paper to keep the fragile items from breaking during transport. Obviously this isn’t a necessity if your hotel provides a free daily newspaper service.


What must-have items do you have on your packing list? Let me know in the comments below.


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