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Sandals Vs. Excellence: Let’s Take a Look

EPC beach

I was a Sandals junkie. Still am, in many ways. But then, one winter, I was forced to make a serious decision: skip the vacation altogether or look for something more budget-friendly than Sandals.

Sandals Select: A Loyalty Program You NEED to Know About

Welcome Back Treat at Sandals

I’m the kinda girl who would drive all the way across town to buy a roll of paper towel that costs much more than said paper towel at the grocery store up the road – all because the store across town is offering 5 bonus air miles with every purchase. Yep – a real sucker

Holiday Inn MoBay: 4 Star Resort with 5 Star Jerk Chicken

What can I say about jerk chicken. I guess when you think of Jamaica and what defines it from a tourist’s perspective, you think of jerk chicken. Okay, it may not be the first thing you think of – I’m guessing Bob Marley, the beaches, and the laid-back-yeah-mon-everyting-irie vibe top the list – but I