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All-Inclusive VIP Club: Worth it?


One question I see time and time again on travel forums and resort fans pages is “Should I pay the extra money for the VIP club?” And of course, a multitude of people weigh in with thoughts, opinions, and anecdotes.

Travel Tip: Check Hotel Rates AFTER You Book

We all know that hotel rates can change drastically from one day to the next — sometimes they go up, sometimes they go down. If you’ve booked your vacation months in advance, like many people do, chances are the rate at the time of booking will change prior to check-in — and there’s always a

Sandals Select: A Loyalty Program You NEED to Know About

Welcome Back Treat at Sandals

I’m the kinda girl who would drive all the way across town to buy a roll of paper towel that costs much more than said paper towel at the grocery store up the road – all because the store across town is offering 5 bonus air miles with every purchase. Yep – a real sucker

The Mystery Behind Free Room Upgrades

One of my Free Room Upgrades, luxury bathroom

If you’ve even skimmed through TripAdvisor or Facebook travel forums you’ll see messages from people wondering about the mystery behind free room upgrades. I would say it’s one of the most frequently talked about subjects.

The Destination Wedding Expenses to Avoid

wedding bands, a destination wedding expense

The destination wedding budget: it seems like it would be an easy one to keep on target: resort and airfare. Done. But unfortunately, destination wedding expenses don’t just end at resort and airfare.

Travel Agent vs Online: The Answer

montego bay beach

So, you’ve got it all figured out: you know exactly which destination, which resort, and which room category you want. Now it’s just a matter of hitting that ‘book’ button…or letting someone do it for you. So which one will it be: travel agent vs online. Here’s the answer: