Travel Tip: Always Pack TOO MUCH Sunscreen

If you think you need one bottle of sunscreen for an entire week in the sun, bring two, maybe three. If you think you need two bottles, bring three or four.


Because you’re going to spend every waking daylight moment in the sun (afterall, it’s a beach vacation!), which means you’ll be – or should be – reaching for the sunscreen every few hours. And don’t forget that the sun is much stronger in the Caribbean than it is in less tropical regions, so your skin will really take a beating.

Yes, you can buy sunscreen down there, but the price for a small bottle will be in the neighborhood of $20, versus $5 at your local drugstore.

I suggest packing what you think is too much. You never know – you might just use it all up. And if you don’t, you’ll have it for the summer!


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